$24.99 / 1 Month Subscription
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$24.99 / 1 Month Subscription

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The $24.99 package is for the ultimate autograph baseball card fan!! This is for the 1 month plan. You will receive three (3) autographed cards in the mail every month!

** Each month your autographed items will be randomly selected, but there is a chance that you could receive a duplicate(s) during your membership. We will try our best to ensure that every month you will receive new autographs. Along with this package you will have full access to our Facebook page to interact with the players, comment on their posts, and much more!

**If your subscription is cancelled, you will be billed for the remainder of the month. You still have full continued access until the your term has expired.  At the expiration of your subscription, you will not be billed again and will be removed from the group.  NOTE: You will continue to receive your monthly items until the end of your subscription.

** This plan is automatically renewed

** NOTE: The cards are just examples of the type of items you will receive for this package.