Terms of Service

By accepting this Terms of Service, you are agreeing to the following upon purchasing:

1.) You understand and accept that mail in signings are subject to faults in possible autograph errors, including but not limited to use of wrong color of pen, forgotten inscriptions and possibly overlooked items.  The Trove Sports Den holds no liability on how the player(s) pack items up and return the items to us.  Not all players send back in bubble wrap or other orderly fashion.   Sometimes this results into scratches, smudging and other issues with in the signature or the piece.  We do ask the players to take care of every persons product to the best extent they can.  The Trove Sports Den is not responsible for these issues as we are not there with the player to ensure proper quality control.

2.) In person signings (live signings), we will and do accept full responsibility if there is an error or damage on any said item. The Trove Sports Den will take care of the situation with a refund, store credit or exchange of item.

3.) If any refunds are processed, the original item MUST be returned to us first before we process the said refund.

4.) Due to high volumes of autographs being sent in, for upcoming signings, you agree and understand that the turn around time for shipment back may take up to 30 days plus, after the signing finishes and we receive the items back from the player(s).  For all pre signed items on our "store, general merchandise, game used & team issued and project, multi signed & limited items tabs", those items will ship out with in 48 hours after purchase.

5.) You agree that when you send your own items in that you are responsible for your return shipping.  If you do not provide return shipping we have the right to ship the item back to you with a shipping method of our choice.  You will be billed for said shipping and a handling charge as well for negligence.  After that has been paid, your item will be shipped.

6.) You agree that regardless of how many players are on one order, you will supply separate return labels or SASE's (self addressed stamped envelopes) for each separate signing.  For example, if your order contains four (4) different players for signings, then you are required to supply four (4) different returns or SASE's, not just one!  This will ensure the quickest possible return shipping for everyone.

7.) You agree that when you contact us, that you will use the contact us form on our webpage or the live chat.  Our social media platforms will no longer be attended for messaging.  Everything needs to go through our website to ensure the highest of quality possible to serve anyone.  We may take upwards of 72 hours to respond.

 8.) We hold the right to cancel or refuse service at our discretion.


*Effective as of 6-20-2020