Team Trove

Below is a list we are currently starting to compose of gentleman we work with. Some gentleman may be signings, exclusives, representation or other reasons.  This list is compiled alphabetically based on their last names.  Click each players name to open a new window with their respected baseball-reference link. This page will be updated weekly. Last update: 1/14/2021 @ 5:22 PM Eastern Time.

Alford, Anthony (Exclusive)
Alonso, Yonder
Beech, Matt
Berg, Justin (Exclusive)
Berroa, Angel (Exclusive)
Blackburn, Nick
Blanco, Gregor (Exclusive)
Bones, Ricky (Exclusive)
Bourn, Michael
Brewer, Billy
Briscoe, John
Brusstar, Warren
Bush, Homer (Exclusive)
Butler, Rich
Campbell, Mike (Exclusive)
Choice, Michael
Cintron, Alex (Exclusive)
Clark, Will
Cook, Dennis
Cora, Joey (Exclusive)
Crisp, Coco
Cust, Jack (Exclusive)
Davis, Rajai (Exclusive)
Dean, Kevin (Exclusive)
Doster, Dave
Edwards, Jerome "Jay" (Exclusive)
Erskine, Carl
Estalella, Bobby (Exclusive)
Evans, Stanley
Farnsworth, Kyle (Exclusive)
Fosse, Ray
Gaudin, Chad (Exclusive)
Greene, Rick
Goodwin, Curtis (Exclusive)
Guyer, Brandon (Exclusive)
Hackman, Luther (Exclusive)
Hairston Jr., Jerry (Exclusive)
Hall, Toby (Exclusive)
Hargrove, Mike
Harris, Willie (Exclusive)
Heisey, Chris (Exclusive)
Hudson, Orlando (Exclusive)
Hughes, Travis
Karnuth, Jason (Exclusive)
Kendrick, Kyle (Exclusive)
Kernan, Phil
King, Ray
Kipnis, Jason
Kipp, Fred
Lavarnway, Ryan
LeCure, Sam (Exclusive)
Levis, Jesse (Exclusive)
Lewis, Richie
Lieber, Jon (Exclusive)
Loe, Kameron (Exclusive)
Long, Terrence (Exclusive)
Longmire, Tony(Exclusive)
Magee, Wendell
Manship, Jeff (Exclusive)
May, Derrick
Mazza, Chris (Exclusive)
McAllister, Zach
Moore, Adam (Exclusive)
Munoz, JJ
Naquin, Tyler (Exclusive)
Oliver, Darren
Oliver, Joe
Outman, Josh (Exclusive)
Parra, Manny (Exclusive)
Patterson, Corey (Exclusive)
Peterson, Mark
Proctor, Scott (Exclusive)
Relaford, Desi (Exclusive)
Remlinger, Mike
Rice, Jim
Riggleman, Jim (Exclusive)
Robertson, Tyler (Exclusive)
Rueter, Kirk (Exclusive)
Ruiz, Ray
Skidmore, Roe
Slama, Anthony (Exclusive)
Smith, Jake
Smith, Lee
Spradlin, Jerry (Exclusive)
Stewart, Dave
Stubbs, Drew (Exclusive)
Telford, Anthony (Exclusive)
Tollberg, Brian
Travis, Devon (Exclusive)
Valencia, Danny
VanMeter, Josh (Exclusive)
Veres, Dave
Wendell, Turk
Wolters, Tony (Exclusive)
Wilkinson, Bill
Zeid, Josh