Below is a small list of items that none of our players will sign.  Each player also has their own personal list of items that they will not as well.  Some players will sign anything.  Please be respectful.

1.) Blank index cards

2.) Blank sheets

3.) Jersey numbers not on jerseys



1.) When ordering, please be sure to add your inscription in the order notes and click Update Cart.

2.) Please mark your items where you would like items signed and or inscribed to give us some direction, so you are happy with your results. Please place those instructions in the order notes and click Update Cart.

3.) Please make sure you add the color of ink you want used on your item. Our default color is blue sharpie or blue Bic pen.

4.) Please see the list of what pens, sharpies and paint pens we supply below. If we do not supply it, please ensure to provide your own.

5.) Ensure your items are to us by the deadline. If items are not to us by the deadline, then your items will be sent Return to Sender (RTS) and refunded. Items will be RTS with your return Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE). Please read the description on the upcoming signing. It is noted in the bottom of every signing when the final sale day is and when items are due by. The listing title is the day the player is to sign.

6.) All items that do not have a SASE included, will be billed for shipping due if a SASE is required. We will print the return envelope label out and email you with the total due. This will need paid via PayPal friends and family before your item will ship.

7.) All return labels MUST include tracking. We do not have the time to answer the question of “Where is our items?”. We cannot answer that for stamped items. Our system emails everyone when their items are shipped with the tracking they provided for their items or the tracking we purchased for items that we supply.

8.) All orders require their own SASE. If you purchase four (4) orders, then please ship separately with four (4) returns.

9.) All orders will be fulfilled in full. If you have multiple signings on one purchase order, then all items will ship once all items have been received back. This includes the pre-signed merchandise from our Online Store.

10.) Please fill out your packages to us properly. We do not read minds. If there is no order slip or information in your package letting us know who it is, then it is hard to have fulfilled.

11.) If you do not purchase an inscription and request one, it will not be fulfilled with an inscription, but with a signature only. Players do have an associated cost with these typically. They are on the drop-down menus when you select what items you are wanting to get autographed. Inscriptions do have a max word count, which is marked next to the inscription in the drop-down menu.

12.) After you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation email. That email includes all shipping instructions. Please check your spam/junk folder for it may appear in there instead of your inbox.

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What Pens And Markers We Supply For Signings

We supply the following items:

- Blue Bic Pens
- Blue, Silver, Red, Gold and Black Sharpies
- Blue, Silver, Red, Gold Deco Fine Tip Paint Pens


How To Print Your Own Return Label

Step 1: Log in to PayPal.
Step 2: Go to PayPal home.
Step 3: Find the Multi Order Shipping Button. If not on your home screen then go to APP Center and search.

Step 4: Click Create Shipment.

Step 5: Use our zip code in originating zip code under sender. Our zip code is 45833. Finish this page by adding your information to the shipping destination.

Step 6: Select the appropriate shipping information for your return label for your package. You may also add insurance and anything else you want for yourself.

Step 7: Pay for the shipping label.
Step 8: Print shipping label and place it in your package.