The Trove Sports Den works directly with the players that are in our subscription group for all of our autographs.  These players love our concept and want to give back to fans! 

The Trove Sports Den will also be holding private signing events with players that are not in the group.  With these additional players, you will have a pre-order or mail-in option for upcoming signing events. For the mail-in option*, you are responsible for sending The Trove Sports Den your personal items before the ‘mail-in deadline’.  If you miss a private signing, do not worry!  If there are extra items after the signing event, The Trove Sports Den will place them on the page under a catalog for direct purchase.

As public safety and government restrictions allow (due to COVID-19), The Trove Sports Den will be conducting live (in person) signing events with both players that belong to the subscription group and additional players outside the subscription group.  These events also offer mail in options for individuals who cannot make it for any reason.  

The Trove Sports Den is looking forward to working with everyone. The players are especially excited and look forward to meeting you, getting to answer your questions, telling you stories and much more.  Be sure to step up to the plate and get your subscription today!
*Mail in options on private signings may have restrictions on mail-ins.  Please read the description on mail in items before moving forward.

**All purchases go towards member loyalty rewards program.