Kyle Farnsworth Shout Outs, Phone & Video Calls

Kyle Farnsworth Shout Outs, Phone & Video Calls

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Have you always wanted to talk with Kyle Farnsworth?  Well now you can!!!  With this you have the ability to choose from four (4) fantastic options of either basic Zoom phone calls or a LIVE video feed with him!!! 

This is your opportunity to have any questions answered you have ever had for Kyle.  You can discuss former teams, teammates and much more!  The possibilities are endless of what you can talk about with Kyle.   Appointments are already booking, so DO NOT hesitate.  Kyle will be taking these calls between 6pm to 10pm Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday every week. 

For shout out videos, please allow up to 72 hours for Kyle to get your video made.  On the check out page, be sure to click below your order on the left side, saying "Add a note to your order" and leave the desired information there, explaining to us who the shout out video is for and what it is about. We want to ensure that the information is accurate when we deliver it to Kyle. The more detail the better he can make the video.   

You can order these in advance to ensure you get them on the day you need so you do not forget to order for that special occasion!  No markings on our videos to give a better personal feel experience for everyone!

• All calls are powered by Zoom. 

 We are not a Zoom affiliate in any form. 

 Must be 18 years of age or older to order.