Incredible Experience!

"When first joining the group, I was a little hesitant with what it was all about and it being brand new. As the days went on, I noticed more interaction was happening. With members having a singular interest in baseball, but different passions (for me collecting autographs), it has been very entertaining getting to see a different side of the players. From seeing them talk about which stadium they liked/disliked to what they are currently doing, it has been awesome. I can’t wait to see how this group grows!" - Zac

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Amazing Experience

"The trove sports den has been very entertaining & fulfilling so far I’ve really enjoyed my time in this group I would highly recommend it too any baseball fan that collects & wants to know the ins and outs of the game & chatting with the Pros is such a cool experience." - Cody Adkins

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Absolute Blast!

"What a great experience! Have absolutely loved interacting with the guys and hearing about their experiences from the minors all the way up to the major leagues! Everyone has entertaining stories! " - John Cochran

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