What is The Trove Sports Den

The Trove Sports Den is a one of a kind subscription-based website that will allow you to socially interact with former and current baseball players in a private Facebook group page, as well as receive autographed items from the players depending on the selected subscription!  First choose from one of the three (3) subscription levels listed below.  After that, simply follow the instructions sent via email to get access to the Facebook page to start interacting with them today!  For more information on how to access the Facebook group, who the players are and how and when you receive your items from subscription purchases, please check out the FAQs link.

The Trove Sports Den also holds autograph signings.  Further down this page is the current listings of the upcoming signing events.  Simply click on the appropriate player you are of interest of and select which items you would like from there and check out following the instructions on the players description.

The Trove Sports Den also has the only platform where not only can you do a “Shout out” video for a friend, loved one, someone in need, or any other occasion.  We also have some players that are taking live phone calls and video chats with everyone, plus an occasional webinar!  Our clientele is always growing for videos, phone calls and video chats.  These are an amazing opportunity to be able to offer everyone and limited for some!

Miscellaneous Items

Online store where you can purchase items from previous signing events. We will be adding new items every Wednesday and Saturday. Select the desired player you are interested in to view all items available of theirs. Some drop downs may be larger than others due to volume of items available.